Moving your Sh!t To Australia (South African Edition)

Moving your Sh!t To Australia (South African Edition)


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The book written specifically for South Africans moving to Australia. 


This book covers the moving process and migrant culture differences between Australia and South Africa. The chapters provide the reader with professional knowledge, practical hints and valuable information that are applicable to all South Africans who are thinking of immigration and also for those who already took the big step. It will further help the readers to avoid unnecessary and sometimes very costly mistakes.


The motivation for this guide arose from the crazy questions and outdated advice on forums and social media. Saddened by stories of families who have been displaced or are falling apart, cries of money wasted and expectations shattered, Robyn and Hendrika had to share their vast and professional knowledge:

•  To save you money on this expensive journey.

•  To help you and your family prepare for change.

•  To give you foresight, both financially and emotionally.


It is filled with practical advice on moving with children and pets, expert tips and advice for the whole family and lots of funny “faux pas” immigrant moments. In short, we have made or seen most of the blunders and we are here to share them with you, for your own benefit, so you can avoid making the same mistakes. A smooth immigration process equals less stress and more positive experiences for the whole family. Between the two authors, Hendrika Jooste and Robyn Vogels, they have a total of 35 years of experience with international relocations. They have both experienced several of their own moves with children and pets across four continents and have helped and supported others with their relocations to Australia for over a decade.The guide provides you with the nuts and bolts of moving, and practical hints and valuable information to help you:

•  Plan and budget for the move and the cost of living in Australia.

•  Find a suitable home and school.

•  Deal with culture shock (the same, but different).


You will find the knowledge you need to make a successful, cost effective transition and create your own success story. Knowledge is power! This guide will save you money and emotional pain!


*Please note:  Moving your Sh!t is our original book. The book titled,  Your D.I.Y. Move Guide is the same book, just a more mainstream cover.  They are twins and have the same content.

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