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How to stay organized during an international move

Updated: May 28, 2019

The key to be organized is boxes! Big boxes, small boxes even shoe boxes!

You should also collect:

Large permanent marker


Masking tape (a sticky tape you can write on)

Big Boxes

Ask your removalist to deliver some boxes a few weeks before you leave, or check at your local grocery store if they have large boxes. The large boxes can be placed stratigically around the house and labelled in large writing:



Medium Boxes

These can be used for items that you perhaps need to RETURN to the library, friends or school.

Items that you might need to take in airfreight can be sorted and temporary stored in medium boxes. Remember your airfreight cost is based on weight, so you want to keep an eye on what you are putting aside for airfreight. Visualising the volume by the boxes is often easier.

Small Boxes

I love a shoe box when I am moving! There is so much paperwork, and these are the perfect fit. Some idea's for their use:

1) Final invoices for your quick reference when you need to close off the accounts.

2) Redirection - This can be post that arrives where you might need to close the account or redirect the mail.

3) Move Day Box - removals insurance inventory, removals contracts, contact details, packing inventory.

4) Paperwork that must accompany you on the plane - Passports, flight itinerary, transfer details, immunizations etc.

While we are talking about small boxes, a little tip, from a lesson learned the hard way. Go around the house and check for any keys that might need to be left in the house. This could be bedroom door keys, cupboard keys, drawers or even window keys. All too often these items are mistakenly packed in a box and shipped to a far away land.

Good luck and happy packing!

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