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October 2019

From Robyn's desk cont.

Hi everyone,

Wow, what a whirlwind of weeks since the seminars in South Africa! You can’t believe the amount of work that goes into seminar and webinar organisation! 


I also had a client with the worst possible arrival in Melbourne, so if any of you think you doing it tough, take a look at this family's arrival.


A family of four we have moved to the UK three years ago were now returning to Australia. They arrive at Heathrow, and Mom jumps out of the car at the terminal building with all the suitcases – remember it is a family of four, both boys are under the age of 7, so they have a lot of luggage! Dad takes the boys with him to go park the car. Two boys, of course, they will push and shove, but this time, it goes too far, and little Mr 5 year old hits his head and splits it open above his eyes! Dad panics, phones Mom, “we need an ambulance....oh wait, someone is!”

Mom is now panic-stricken, laden with all the luggage, she summons help but has NO idea where in the long term car park they are or what has happened.  After much debacle, the family is reunited in the back of the ambulance and they off to the hospital.  Mr 5 needs surgery – well that’s not helpful! 


So after a night in hospital, his head is packed and bandaged and the family boards a flight 24 hours later to cover 17 hours in the air!  Back in Melbourne, I had to cancel their airport transfer, arrange car hire and a taxi. The taxi would take Mom and Mr 5 to Monash Children's Hospital and the airport transfer take Dad and everything else to the hotel. 


Two days later, I went to see the family while their rental furniture was being delivered, and Mr 5 was already doing handstands!  It is amazing sometimes what parents can deal with.  The lesson for all of you out there, one, there is always someone worse off than you; Two, stop worrying about everything because something else completely different could happen, so try to relax a little and roll with the punches.


Have an awesome month everyone!


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