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 The authors share their vast and professional knowledge:

• To save you money on this expensive journey.

• To help you and your family prepare for change.

• To give you foresight, both financially and emotionally.

The guide is filled with practical advice on moving with children and pets, expert tips for the whole family and lots of funny “faux pas” immigrant moments. In short, the authors have made or seen most of the blunders, and in this book, they share real-life stories, for your benefit, so you can avoid making the same mistakes.


South African Editions

The Paperbacks are distributed within South Africa

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These two books are written by South Africans for South Africans!

It is the same book, just a different cover - it's your choice.

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I can highly recommend that anyone is considering or starting the process of emigrating to Australia to read this book. The information it contains is so detailed and in my personal opinion invaluable. I can only thank the authors for taking the time to write this great book.

Williams Family