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Robyn Vogels (Left)  Hendrika Jooste (Right)

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Hendrika and Robyn understand the stress of moving internationally.  As mothers, wives and experienced international movers ourselves, we understand this rollercoaster you are on. Our intention when we started out was to help people make the right start in Australia, to give them peace of mind by guiding them through the process. Even here, Down-under, there are many who struggle with their new surroundings, feel lonely or just don't know where to turn.  We are experienced and can guide and settle you in Australia. Our combined, and different experience in helping other migrants settle in Australia will give you a holistic view of moving.  We aim to give you the tools and process to affect your own new beginning and your own happy ever after.

Wherever you are on your relocation journey, just starting out, or perhaps struggling after a few years, we are here to help.  Genuine, honest and in confidence.

We love to hear from our readers and to be a part of your migration journey, reach out via our Contact us page, or you can send us a confidential email

Who are we?

We are two independent women who have combined our (very different) skills to bring you balanced expert information.   As results-driven leaders who love to work with our growing clientele, we are on hand to help you navigate your relocation journey. Read below to learn more about us.


Hendrika Jooste

Partner: Your Move Guide
Director: Pillars of Power
Co-Author: Your D.I.Y. Move Guides

Hendrika has lived in Australia for 10 years arriving from England. With a degree in Social Sciences, Hendrika has put this to good use in her working life around the globe. 

Hendrika is a professional Master certified life coach, cultural expert and integration consultant who assist migrants with any challenges newcomers may have on their migration journey. She supports migrants with creating new support networks, dealing with migratory grief and loss, job-seeking and networking, as well as working in multi-cultural workplaces. 

She offers 1-on1 mentoring sessions, seminars, webinars and workshops.

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Robyn Vogels High Res Head.jpg

Robyn Vogels

Partner: Your Move Guide
Director: Personnel Relocations
Co-Author: Your D.I.Y. Move Guides

Robyn has lived and worked on FOUR continents across the globe. Arriving in Australia in 2008, she immediately set about opening her own relocation company.


Aiming to ensure families get individual and tailor-made support during the entire move process. Robyn has assisted countless corporate and private clients to find a suburb, home and school that matches their lifestyle.  Get back to routine quickly and save money on temporary accommodation, Robyn will help you make the RIGHT start.

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